SEO Consulting

SEO may have turned a few corners in the last 11 years, however  in 2014  two major disciplines remain critically important and that’s technical SEO and promoting good content to get links. Technical SEO is necessary to get your site crawled and indexed. The right content is

Content Creation

Mots of us will agree that content is king, and poor quality content does not tend to help businesses achieve their long term goals when it comes to online marketing. The upside to producing well targeted content can range from improved conversions to attracting new visitors, to helping

Web Video Production

We realize that for many businesses making web videos its more than just making pretty films – its about making videos that can sell! At GSINC we aim to fuse our experience in video production with what we know about creative online marketing. You can take advantage

SEO Interviews podcast London

GSINC Podcast: In this podcast Gareth Davies of GSINC speaks to Lee Odden of TopRank blog about content marketing, to Will Critchlow from Distilled about the importance of goals in analytics. Greg Jarboe from SEO-PR shares some advice about online videos and Phil Nottingham from Distilled talks about web video

Interview with Cindy Krum on mobile and SEO

Recently I had the pleasure to meet Cindy Krum in London where she was doing a presentation on mobile SEO. A truly inspiring speaker, Cindy had some great insights about the world of mobile SEO. Gareth: Why should people be building mobile sites in 2013? Cindy: It’s

Video interview with Arianne Donoghue on PPC

Gareth chats with Arianne Donoghue at London SES 2013 about Google Shopping, PPC techniques, testing campaigns and analytics.

eCommerce SEO webmaster tips video

This video looks at 5 elements to check on an eCommerce website 1. Check for broken links. Identify any issues liked misspelled URLs, deleted pages and also check internal links and content pages are in place. 2. Avoid linking out to any un-trustworthy websites. Check who you