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Title Tags – Video

Here is a short video on Title Tags for folks new to SEO. Transcription of Title Tag SEO Video Welcome. My name is Gareth Davies. In the next three minutes we’re going to look at exactly what Title Tag is, why Title Tags are so important, and

What food and drink do SEOs love?

To get through those long days and nights in front of computer screens worrying about rankings, or for the all-night industry events partying hard with Matt Cutts – food and drink play a big part in the world of SEO. They say ‘you are what you eat’….so what

6 mistakes ecommerce websites make video

The “6 Common Mistakes eCommerce Sites Make” 1. Poor design 2. Poor site structure 3. Little or no sales copy 4. Hiding address and telephone info 5. Not stating benefits 6. Ignoring SEO basics 1. Poor first impressions due to weak design  If your site is not

Google all in title operator video tutorial

Video that covers the Google allintitle command  

Ben Wills on social media – video interview (2007)

Social Media & Web 2.0 Interview with Ben Wills ( transcription) Gareth: Welcome to the Ecommerce Rocks. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Ben Wills. As a former director of Search Marketing, at Ben has had the opportunity to work on over 2000 Internet marketing campaigns. He’s