6 mistakes ecommerce websites make video

The “6 Common Mistakes eCommerce Sites Make”

1. Poor design

2. Poor site structure

3. Little or no sales copy

4. Hiding address and telephone info

5. Not stating benefits

6. Ignoring SEO basics

1. Poor first impressions due to weak design 
If your site is not as professional looking as your competitors do not be surprised if you have a poor conversion rate. Good design matters.
2. Not having a unique page for each product you sell
Having a unique page for each product allows you to promote and sell each product individually, plus you can optimise each product page. Putting lots of products onto 1 page makes your site small. So go forth and multiply – create a unique page for each product.
3. Talk to me – I am a visitor!
One line of technical spec on a product pages will not cut it!. Provide adequate unique text copy on your web pages. Don’t assume people will buy off you – you must sell to them. Talk to users and use sales copy and plenty of calls to action throughout your site to drive more conversions.
4. Hiding where you are and how to call of you
Some eCommerce sites seem intent on hiding their telephone numbers or business address from consumers by making it virtually impossible to find. Don’t hide from your visitors  – it breaches EU directives and will drive down conversions. Make it easy for visitors to find your telephone number and physical address!
5. Benefits of buying from you
In most industries there are lots of ‘me too’ websites all selling the same thing. So what sets you apart? Identify the benefits of buying from you and establish your ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP) Repeat these benefits again and again.
6. Ignoring SEO basics
This can literally cost site owners a small fortune in lost revenue. Doing keyword research and basic SEO for each of the main pages on your eCommerce site is key.

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