6 useful pages for eCommerce websites

The basics of web design and content creation have become almost a little unfashionable to talk about these days. Unfortunately for all concerned when basics get ignored websites and businesses will suffer.

As business owners consistently turn to the web designer for their expertise in site planning and design, little do they know few of these staff are versed in the business side of selecting site content, addressing conversions or gearing a site well for promotion.

Where does the input come from? Well more often than not it doesn’t.

For many sites it isn’t ‘whizz bang’ and ‘wow’ that they need to improve their site (or to convert more visitors) it is actually taking a step back and doing lots of the ‘little things’ better.

Having looked at a huge number of eCommerce sites over the years, through work with SafeBuy and our own consultations at GSINC, we have compiled a series of videos called eCommerce Rocks that start at the beginning and this video examines the core content that you need to include on your website.

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