39 Tips from the London Conversion Conference

Website owners are spending 9x as much money getting people to their website than converting it, yet most websites have a conversion problem! At this year’s Conversion Conference in London, some of the world’s leading conversion experts were on hand to share some of their top tips.



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1. ‘Every conversion rate is an average of many conversion rates, such as new visitors, return visitors, mobile etc’ – Matt Althauser,  Optimizely

2. ‘Incentivize people in the company to come up with new testing ideas, you can even make it a game’ – Matt Althauser

3. ‘Orbit presented higher priced items to Mac users when they arrived at their website and saw an increase in conversion’ – Matt Althauser

4. ‘No single screen size has more than 20% market share’ – Mobify



Pricing section graphic shows Leigh Cauldwell and Rob Jackson

5. ‘Life is complicated, there can we many reasons for making a decision. By putting price on something it’s easier to think about. Price becomes a dominant piece of information as the human brain tends to then just focus on the number. Price is an artificial neatener” – Leigh Caldwell,

6. ‘When poeple look at price it activates the same part of the brain as feeling physical pain. So put pain into the future. If it’s more distant, its less visceral’ – Leigh Caldwell

7. ‘Confusion can be a strategy, as it can makes it difficult to compare your product to others. Ryan Air’s pricing is complicated for a reason’- Leigh Caldwell

8. ‘Introduce something at a higher price with a view to sell it at the sale price. Some people will buy at high price, but many more will buy when its discounted’ – Leigh Caldwell

9. ‘Pricing should be based on the value to the customer, not the cost to you. ‘There is no absolute value’. The value they get is what it should be based on. Customers don’t care about the cost to you’ – Leigh Caldwell

10. ‘If you want to change your prices you must reframe the product. This could be the pack size or shift the terms so people can’t make a direct comparison between your old and new price’ – Leigh Caldwell

11. ‘The ideal is to create a unique product to each person at the best price they can afford. Not always practical for retail, but sometimes possible for services’ – Leigh Caldwell

12. ‘If you are selling something people already own then they will tend to base it on price. If they don’t have the product/ service then you have to educate on the benefits and its less price driven’ – Leigh Caldwell



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13. ‘It’s not the magnitude of change on the page that impacts conversion, it’s the magnitude of change in the mind of the prospect’ – Dr Flint McGlaughlin

14. ‘Clarity trumps persuasion’ – Dr Flint McGlaughlin

15. ‘A few elements that you can be sure people will read: Headlines, forms, button copy. This is mission critical copy’ – Michael Aagaard,

16. ‘You cannot assume most creative solution will be the best. Use creativity to find the right solution. Remember that clarity trumps persuasion’ – Michael Aagaard

17. ‘Give me a good reason to sign up. What do I get in return?’- Michael Aagaard

18. ‘Button copy is the ultimate low hanging fruit in conversion from my experience’ – Michael Aagaard

19. ‘The word Buy…I try and avoid. It’s not a motivating word’ – Michael Aagaard

20. ‘When working on headlines a tip to inspire ideas is to start your headline with ‘GET’. This forces you to analyse what is in it for the prospect’ – Michael Aagaard



Mobile graphic featuring Charles Nicholls

21. ‘3/4 of all mobile action is on tablets, and 99.5% of smartphone visits don’t result in a sale’ – Charles Nicholls,

22. ‘If you really want to move the dial for smartphone, you probably need to store payment details’- Charles Nicholls

23. ‘Amazon (US) dominates m commerce department store visits with 59.36% of traffic. This is 7.3x more traffic than its closest rival Walmart’ – Charles Nicholls

24. ‘85% of users expect the mobile version to mirror the desktop experience in a mobilized way’ – Gemma McNaught,

25. ‘What do mobile users want? See what they click on the desktop site. That can show you what they are most interested in’ – Gemma McNaught

26. ‘61% of users will call after a local business search’ – Gemma McNaught



ECommerce Graphic featuring North Face USA

27. ‘Put your key proposition message right under the price, the customer will see that’ – Paul Rouke,

28. ‘User researched messages usually raise conversion’– Paul Rouke

29. ‘On a homepage users don’t want to take in creative promotion, they are goal driven’ – Paul Rouke

30. ‘Simplify your homepage to have clear jump off points to key product ranges that are either seasonal or relevant’ – Paul Rouke

31. ‘On product listings pages consider adding a feature to save for later, or hide this brand’ – Paul Rouke

32. ‘Don’t leave a box for a blank promo code on your website, it encourages users to go off and look for promo codes’  – Paul Rouke

33. ‘Don’t have a mandatory sign up to get going. If you want users to be registered customers, get them to do it at the end’  – Paul Rouke

34. ‘If you can’t compete on price, then you must compete on the service proposition’ – Paul Rouke

35. ‘Brands need to be mobile optimized to stay competitive and not lose mobile sales. Users don’t care whether its mobile optimized or responsive, its whether the site works, is quick and responds fast’ – Paul Rouke



Testing graphic shows inside of conference venue

36. ‘Be the customer and understand what its like, put yourself in the customer’s shoes’ – Stephen Pavlovich,

37. ‘Survey your customers and prospects, because your own opinion only goes so far’ – Stephen Pavlovich

38. ‘Your website needs to be an automated form of your best sales person’ – Stephen Pavlovich

39. ‘Are your landing pages clearly structured? Careful attention is not being pulled all over the page and distracting your visitors’ – Stephen Pavlovich


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