What food and drink do SEOs love?

To get through those long days and nights in front of computer screens worrying about rankings, or for the all-night industry events partying hard with Matt Cutts – food and drink play a big part in the world of SEO. They say ‘you are what you eat’….so what are the SEOs eatin? Well, we present to you – SEO food!


1. ‘Optimizer’ Beer
SEOs love to party hard. With Optimizer beer you can tweak tags, be creative and have a good time.

2. ‘PR Bar’ milk chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate and so if there’s not enough ‘link love’ coming your way, this is what you should turn to.


3. ‘Link Juice’ Energy Drink
For those early mornings or late nights SEO folks no longer rely on tea and coffee. These days energy drinks are ‘in’ and ‘Link Juice’ is now the #1 choice.


4. ‘Linky’ peanut butter
For quick lunches or a snack on the go. Voted best peanut butter by US link builders 2 years running*.


5. ‘Esseos’ whole grain breakfast cereal
Up early enough – its the obvious cereal of choice. Great with milk (or without)


6. ‘Keywordz’ chips
Keywordz are not as fashionable as they used to be. But niche flavor ones are still popular at #6.


Keywordz chips

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